metal facade

Steel facades vs Aluminium Facades: What to choose and when?

Passing by any of the well maintained cities of india we’d be able to see how radically the direction of styles in building facades has taken a turn in the last century. Whilst cladding can be found in a variety of buildings ranging from local authority buildings to airports, hotels and concert halls. One must note that the most commonly used material for facades on modern day architecture are steel and aluminium.

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clay brick facade

Why are Clay Brick Facades and Cladding the future of Architectural Innovation?

Use of clay brick facades and claddings transform and enhance the entire look of a building in an elegant way. These materials are an architectural wonder due to its durability, sustainability and it being more energy-efficient than most materials. These positive qualities not only beautifies the architecture but beautifies it in a way that has a positive impact on the environment. Amongst the plethora of choices, architects go for cay facades and claddings because of its stand-alone qualities.

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metal facade and cladding

How can metal facade and cladding bring about Architectural Innovation for you?

When it comes to buildings, a book is judged by its cover. It is the outward appearance inclusive of the facade and cladding which decides how well the building is perceived by onlookers. Innovative and well-structured ambiances always bring home positive feedback. Facade proves itself to be the skin of a building whereas the cladding is the makeup of the architecture. For contemporary architecture facades and cladding made up of metal are arguably the most sort after material.

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Modern building facade

Modern building facade ideas that are changing the feel of Present-Day Architecture

The one thing that gives the passers-by a reason to stop and stare, is the facade. An innovative facade represents the creative vision of the architect. Something unique not only draws the attention of the people but also stands out in the crowd! SO, if you are looking to create a fantastic impression – here are some wonderful facade ideas that are changing the feel of modern architecture!

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Green and Earthy facades

Green and Earthy facades are now trending, here’s why!

Selecting the correct materials for your building is essential. It’s a decision for life! Any modern-day building must comply with a number of economical as well as ecological demands. Earthy facades are amongst these materials. They come under one of the oldest and extremely popular materials used for the creation of buildings.

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A Review on Life cycle assessment of a building

The society we live in today constantly faces important environmental challenges. These include greenhouse gas emission which increases the earth’s temperature, industrial pollution, and toxic emission which endanger the ecosystem and clean water reservoirs.

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Building 2 Nations with us - this is how the Bangladesh Bhavan became what it is

For centuries now, Bengal has been the cultural hub of India. Some of the biggest thought leaders, freedom fighters, authors and poets have all come out of Bengal. It is rightly said that every alley of Bengal has an artist waiting to bloom, and it is no different for a part of us that is no longer with it. Bangladesh.

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Importance of good Architecture in Metro Stations and Bus Depots

What’s inspiring about modern architecture is that it never ends. There’s always something new to see every other day: building something new is always ongoing in this modern world! One of the most common architecture that has been with us since a long time has to be Metro Stations.

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Journey to the Future

Since it was first attempted, the innovation called 3D printing has exploded and we are now creating houses in 20 hours. Does it mean that is the future? Probably. Are we sure? Not really!

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