Remains the way it is.

Fahrenheit is a high-quality engineering board with an amazingly strong, indestructible wrap-up. The most exceptional element of it, is the shiny glazed lacquer finish. It has proved itself to be amongst the most strong facade on the planet and is therefore very impervious to spray paint, synthetic compounds, scraped spot, and consequential harm. Its graffiti and scratch-resistant, highly durable with bold designs and require very low maintenance. Our Fahrenheit is adaptable and can be created extensively in a variety of shapes (counting bends in specific applications) and completed in boundless custom hues with flexible designs. Amongst the various things offered by Fahrenheit, there are metal honeycomb panels that are made from aluminum honeycomb core and expanded into stainless steel. There are also metal facade panels, metal facade cladding, metal building exterior facade these collectively are installed to give the most innovative, trendy and stylish look. We also install perforated metal sheet claddings. These are sheets that are stamped or punched manually or mechanically to create a pattern of holes and slots, to create decorative shapes. Fahrenheit provides the perfect insulation and therefore is the best designing solution for all.

Bright Colours

No Maintenance

Low Dust pickup

Metal Facade

Perfect Insulation

High Durability

No Water Igress

Why Fahrenheit?

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Graffiti Resistant

durable icon

Extremely Durable

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Perfect Maintenance

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Bold Designs

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Scratch Resistant

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