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About CCS Group
"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic."

We, at CCS, are not just a commercial roofing and facade construction company, that delivers the customers request. We surely do way more than that. We strive to make dreams come alive at step. We aim to build relations, stories and create magic with our work!

We deliver the latest and most innovative construction materials available in the market. Our aim is to produce the best for our clients and we don't settle for anything less. Since our establishment in 2002, we have not deterred from our main goal which is to exceed our customer's expectations and satisfaction, by providing them with high-class quality services at all times.

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CCS specializes in roofing and façade solutions.

CCS Group delivers the most modern cost-effective solution for construction. We provide our clients with the entire solution starting from the process of designing the product to its supply and installation. We stand by our clients throughout the designing and maintaining the process.

We have worked in tie-ups with big companies like Hunter Douglas, Graco and Kalzip. We have learned a lot whilst working in association with these companies and their products. We cherish the amazing experience we’ve gained in doing so.

Spread across Eastern India, we aim to continuously work towards a smoother functioning of the projects and brands associated with us. We make it a point to deliver what they love but in turn never harm the environment. The employees of CCS Group love the planet and take immense pride in launching products that are made with “Green materials”, hence, are environmental-friendly and at the same time, those products are durable and cost-effective.

We operate across Eastern India but you can find their main office in Kolkata, West Bengal brimming with more than 50 skilled, enthusiastic and highly motivated team members.

We are an employee-centric organization. We firmly believe in providing a healthy environment for all of our employees. This is the prime reason why we attract the best of employees coming from the best of sources. We make sure that each employee believes in the company’s ideology of being ranked no.1. The benchmark is-always being the best.

We as a company constitute of loyal and enthusiastic employees, each taking pride in being a part of the company. We aim to keep the information and workflow constantly inspiring for our working staff and believe in having a transparent relation at all times. Our employees feel that the senior management team is a team that works to make their tasks easier. We continuously share our success with the team and make sure they feel it as their own ensuring they always get a homely feeling. Our focus is to establish the fact the company is their own and that they are the virtual partners. This brings in a sense of ownership which helps them grow.

Innovate. Differentiate. Pioneer.

We intend to be the leaders in distributing innovative building products focusing majorly on supplying roofing and façade solutions. Furthermore, we wish to set up a Pan India presence.

We aspire to be a respected brand one where every opinion is listened to and discussed. Opinions of both customers and employees are equally shown importance. This notion is one we intend to maintain even as become a multi-crore company comprising of hundreds of people.